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A customer implements an HP StoreOnce Backup System by using a NAS share as the target for the backup of the application data. The solution runs for six months with daily incremental and weekly full backups. The customer is experiencing very low deduplication rates on this NAS share target and asks you to investigate. What is a possible reason for the low deduplication rates?

A. The files written to the NAS share are too large.
B. The deduplication is not enabled for the NAS share.
C. The housekeeping process has not run yet.
D. The files written to the NAS share are smaller than 24 MB.

Answer: C

A customer wants to configure HP Data Protector to back up data to the HP StoreOnce VSA environment. Which type of gateway is configured on a client with only a media agent?

A. Explicit client-side
B. Implicit source-side
C. Implicit target-side
D. Explicit server-side

Answer: B

A customer is experiencing unreliable iSCSI connections to an HP StoreOnce Backup System. What do you have to examine?

A. Buffer size of the network adapter on the host
B. Block size of the iSCSI target device
C. Block size of the backup job
D. MTU size of all devices in the data path

Answer: D

A customer wants to use HP StoreOnce Catalyst on an HP StoreOnce 4420. Which benefits can Catalyst provide to the customer? (Select two.)

A. Catalyst enables copies to be controlled by the backup application and multi-hop replication using Catalyst devices
B. Catalyst enables stores to be created on all HP StoreOnce models with 10 Gbit network connectivity, including HP StoreOnce VSA
C. enables low-bandwidth backup due to moving some of the deduplication processing to the source side without rehydration
D. enables a maximum of five source Catalyst stores to be copied into a single target Catalyst store on an HP StoreOnce 4420 single node system E. enables end users to control the whole backup operation in HP Data Protector through a hardware interface

Answer: AB

A customer wants to implement deduplication that meets these requirements:

1. Data is transferred over the network to the backup server
2. Data is held and deduplicated locally on the backup server.
3. Data is processed by the media agent, and then sent on to the HP
Catalyst store on a StoreOnce appliance.

Which type of deduplication should the customer implement?

A. target-side
B. compressed
C. server-side
D. post process

Answer: D