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That 000-278 IBM Examination Procedure Requests as a result of PASSLEADER is without a doubt Every You have to Earn Helpful Hands-on Go through

IBM Official qualifications 000-278 exam is without a doubt the type of well known THE APPLICATION Qualifications that happens to be that even consider every impressive THE APPLICATION pro’s. It will need a thorough training for that job seekers to allow them to can achieve max history on 000-278 IBM examination and even try to make ones own background similar value to trade conditions. Because of the nation’s very good worldwide recognition, you can discover a whole lot of IBM 000-278 IBM examination procedure requests for one’s training.

A mobile application developer has a business requirement that data be encrypted while at rest on the mobile device. As data is stored in the encrypted cache, the application developer starts seeing strange behavior and cannot find this behavior in the documentation. What is the cause of the strange behavior?

A. The encrypted cache is closed.
B. The encrypted cache has exceeded the 5 Mb limit.
C. The AES 256-bit encryption key is corrupt.
D. The credentials used to open the cache are invalid.

Answer: B

A mobile application developer has created and deployed an HTTP adapter which accepts a userid and returns employee location data. For the adapter to be invoked using the client side WL.Client.invokeProcedure API, which properties does the application developer need to include in the invocationData object?

A. parameters, procedure
B. parameters, procedure, timeout
C. adapter, parameters, procedure
D. adapter, parameters, procedure, timeout

Answer: C

A mobile application developer has chosen to use the JSONStore API to cache data locally for use when the application is offline. Which statement accurately describes the JSONStore capabilities?

A. The JSONStore has a maximum storage capacity of 5 M
B. B. The JSONStore API can be extended to better fit their needs.
C. The JSONStore extends the encrypted cache capability of supporting multiple users by adding support for indexes.
D. The Worklight adapter that is being used with the JSONStore can request or pull updated data when working in connected mode.

Answer: B

A Worklight application developer has used the File > New > Worklight Environment option from Worklight Studio to add a specific environment for Android to the project. This has created an Android folder under the apps\application name folder. Which new, unique folder name that does not exist in common is in the Android folder?

A. js
B. css
C. native
D. images

Answer: C

A mobile application developer has created an application for indoor shopping mall customers. The application needs to distinguish shopping areas from eating areas inside the mall using WiFi. How can the application developer do this?

A. Use WL.Device.getContext() to return the current geofence.
B. Use a DwellInside trigger to determine which area the user is in.
C. Use a PositionChange trigger to signal when the user moves into a different area.
D. Use the WL.Device.Geo.Profiles API to set the acquisition policy to acquire information from bluetooth, NFC, and WiFi broadcasts.

Answer: B


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