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Tag: JN0-533 Exam Dumps

Juniper Networks JN0-533 Exam Dumps

You are using Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) to manually test for an ASP.NET website. You have previously created a test plan named QA Release 1.0 that contains 115 test cases, and you are now planning the testing for Release 2.0. The QA Release 2.0 test plan must meet the following requirements:
· All the test cases in QA Release 1.0 should be available in QA Release 2.0. · Testers should be able to change, add, or remove test cases from either the QA Release 1.0 test plan or the QA Release 2.0 test plan as required, without affecting the other test plan. · Shared steps and test configuration from the QA Release 1.0 test plan need to be reflected in QA Release 2.0 test plan. You need to facilitate simultaneous testing of the website by creating the QA Release 2.0 test plan according to the stated requirements. What should you do?
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