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Scenario: An administrator at Company A recently implemented a Citrix XenApp environment. The administrator is planning to leverage the use of the Citrix Universal XPS print driver as part of an environmentally friendly workplace initiative.Which client device requirement is needed at a minimum to use the Citrix Universal XPS print driver?

A.Sun JVM 1.5
B..NET Framework 2.0
C..NET Framework 3.0
D.Windows Installer 2.0

Answers: C

Scenario: There have been numerous reports recently from the Finance department indicating that print jobs to a new Xerox MFP printer are causing various printing problems. Print jobs have been reported with errors, the tray call feature has NOT been working and duplexing and print alignment have been off. The Citrix environment consists of 50 Citrix XenApp servers with 1000 concurrent users. Citrix policies have been configured with the following settings: Do not automatically install native drivers Use universal driver only if requested driver is unavailable Which two steps could the administrator take to resolve this print issue? (Choose two.)

A.Install Windows native driver
B.Configure trusted driver source
C.Configure print driver replication
D.Install Citrix Universal Print Driver

Answers: A C

Scenario: An administrator replicates a print driver throughout the farm. The administrator later discovers that this replicated print driver is causing problems and users are unable to print to client printers. Which two of the listed steps could the administrator take to resolve this issue? (Choose two.)

A.Disable LPT port mapping.
B.Use the driver mapping feature of Citrix XenApp.
C.Create a policy to disable native driver auto-install.
D.Modify the print driver compatibility list within the XenApp Advanced Configuration tool.

Answers: B D

An administrator has locked down servers using Citrix policies and disabled the ability for users to install print drivers; however, some print drivers are still being installed.What is the first step the administrator should take to troubleshoot this issue?

A.Review the resultant policy.
B.Edit the Universal driver rule.
C.Disable the native print driver policy.
D.Update printer and driver information.

Answers: A

Scenario: A company has added 20 network printers of the same model in the Marketing department. An administrator has successfully tested the manufacturer’s driver and is ready to deploy it through the Citrix XenApp farm. The administrator has created the appropriate printing policy for the users.How can the administrator configure these network printers for the farm with the least amount of overhead?

A.Add the driver to the compatibility list.
B.Manually load the driver and map the driver to the servers.
C.Allow auto-create from the users’ logging in to the servers.
D.Manually load the driver on one server and auto-replicate the driver to the other servers.

Answers: D

An administrator is troubleshooting ICA connectivity to a Citrix XenApp server. By running a telnet 1494 command, which output should the administrator receive if the ICA connectivity is established?

C.Results = 1
D.ICA connection successful

Answers: A

Scenario: Citrix XenApp has recently been implemented on Windows Server 2008.
   The default IIS port has been changed to port 444
   The session reliability port has been opened up on the internal firewall
   The Citrix XML Service on the XenApp servers has been configured on port 8080
   There is a single farm with Web Interface and Secure Gateway installed on the same server hosted on the DMZ

Users report that they are NOT able to connect to their published applications through Web Interface and are receiving an error. Refer to the exhibit above to review the current settings. Which step must the administrator take to troubleshoot this?

A.Disable session reliability
B.Modify the Secure Gateway port to port 444
C.Add port 8080 behind the Secure Ticket Authority URLs
D.Use the IP address of Secure Gateway instead of FQDN name

Answers: C

Scenario: Users are having trouble with certain key combinations in a terminal application that are conflicting with Citrix hotkeys. The application is available through the Web Interface. What should the administrator modify to disable hotkeys for all users?

B.Settings for the application
C.Group policy for the server
D.Policy for the users of the application

Answers: A

Scenario: An administrator is out of the office and receives a call that a user session is hung. Unfortunately, it is NOT possible to connect to the Citrix XenApp server using a remote console; however, the administrator has established a remote command prompt session. The user session is labeled Session 1.Using native Terminal Server tools, which command could the administrator use to free up the user session?

A.quser 1 /reset
B.reset session 1
C.net session 1 /reset
D.net session 1 /delete

Answers: B

Scenario: Several new policies were recently created in a Citrix XenApp farm. A user has called stating that he cannot see client drives or printers when connecting to the farm since the policies were implemented.What could an administrator use to determine which policies are conflicting?

A.Event Viewer
B.Report Center
C.Diagnostic Facility
D.Policies search engine

Answers: D

Passleader New Cheap 1Y0-A05 Certification Dumps Ensure 100% Pass