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An administrator needs to upgrade an application published on Citrix XenApp and plans to prevent users from trying to access that application during the upgrade. Which two settings under the application properties can the administrator use to achieve this? (Choose two.)

A.Disable the application
B.Remove the shortcuts
C.Hide the disabled application
D.Change the application type to streamed application

Correct Answers: A C

Scenario: An administrator publishing a streaming application is concerned that some of the users accessing this application might NOT be able to stream the application to their client device. The application has NOT been installed on a Citrix XenApp server and only a profile is available to be streamed.Which option can the administrator enable for this application to be available to all users?

A.Streamed to client
B.Accessed from a server
C.Streamed if possible, otherwise streamed to server
D.Streamed if possible, otherwise installed application

Correct Answers: C

Which two capabilities does Windows desktop streaming provide in a Citrix XenApp farm? (Choose two.)

A.Allow the applications to be managed centrally but run distributed
B.Allow distributed management of applications but allows them to run centrally
C.Utilize the resources of the Citrix XenApp farm first and then the resources of the desktop
D.Utilize the resources of the desktop first and then the resources of the Citrix XenApp farm

Correct Answers: A D

Scenario: A company acquired a remote office. The remote office users will access published resources in the farm using the XenApp Web Plugin across the WAN. Company policy dictates that all connections to mission-critical applications such as Microsoft Outlook and SAP must be encrypted with a minimum of 128-bit (RC5) level encryption.Which two objects must the administrator configure to secure remote client access to the server farm? (Choose two.)

A.A policy that sets the required encryption levels as a minimum requirement
B.The server properties that require connections at the mandated encryption levels
C.The server farm properties that require connections at the mandated encryption levels
D.The client options for the published applications, Microsoft Outlook and SAP that set the required encryption levels as a minimum requirement

Correct Answers: A D

Scenario: An administrator of a small Citrix XenApp farm has two servers and 120 Windows XP desktops. All applications are delivered to the users through ICA sessions because the desktops have limited memory and CPU resources. An additional 60 users have joined the company. The new users run Windows XP devices with limited memory and processor capacity. The administrator needs to deliver a new application that is NOT compatible with an application already installed in the Citrix XenApp farm.In order to deliver this application, the administrator should profile the application and publish it as a(n) __________ resource type. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

A.streamed to client
B.streamed if possible and streamed to server
C.streamed if possible and installed application
D.accessed from a server and streamed to server

Correct Answers: D

Scenario: An administrator enabled application streaming for a Citrix XenApp farm with Citrix XenApp servers located centrally and distributed in branch offices. The administrator copied the application profiles to local file servers in the branch offices.In order to ensure users stream from the closest source, the administrator must specify an alternate profile for a published application and the appropriate __________. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

C.file server IP
D.Citrix XenApp server

Correct Answers: B

Scenario: An administrator needs all full-time employees to be able to access their client drives; however, contractors will NOT be able to access the client drives. Customer Service employees, whether they are contractors or full time, must have access to client drives. The following policies have been created to address these needs:
  Contractor_Users, which disallows access to client drives
  Corporate_ Users, which allows access to client drives
  CustomerService_Users, which allows Customer Service employees access to client drives
In which order should the policies be ranked, from highest to lowest priority?

A.CustomerService_Users, Contractor_Users, Corporate_Users
B.Contractor_Users, CustomerService_Users, Corporate_Users
C.Corporate_Users, Contractor_Users, CustomerService_Users
D.Contractor_Users, Corporate_Users, CustomerService_Users

Correct Answers: A

Scenario: Users working from a remote office connected over a satellite network are experiencing slow session performance. These users need audio and printing capabilities in their sessions.Which three policy rules should an administrator implement to optimize their sessions? (Choose three.)

A.Sound quality
B.Print job routing
C.SecureICA encryption
D.Turn off menu animations
E.Limit total concurrent sessions
F.Turn off client printer mappings

Correct Answers: A B D

An administrator is aware that there may be a conflict among the XenApp policies configured when a user logs on. Which policy filter should the administrator use to identify the resultant policy?

A.Server name
B.Login domain
C.Server IP address
D.Web Interface server

Correct Answers: A

Users at remote sites are complaining about printing performance. Which policy rule can the administrator enable to improve printing performance at remote locations?

A.Print job routing
B.Session printers
C.Legacy client printers
D.Printer properties retention

Correct Answers: A

Passleader New Cheap 1Y0-A05 Certification Dumps Ensure 100% Pass