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New Passleader Cisco 642-780 Practice Tests Dumps Download For Free (61-70)

In a service provider layer 3 MPLS VPN implementations, what is the minimum number of routing on the PE routers?

A.    Three
B.    Four
C.    Five
D.    Six

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. The commands in the figure were executed from a cisco ASR 9000 series router. The remote end of the ping is a cisco XR12000 series router. Which statement is true?

A.    The XR 12000 has an access list that blacks the MPLS pseudowire ping
B.    The interface connected to the XR 12000 is not running LDP
C.    These results will occur during convergence when MPLS LDP sync is enabled
D.    The MPLS pseudowire ping was not sent

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit. The output from the debug command is from the Cisco XR12000 series Router, which statement is true?

A.    The output is the result of single iteration of mpls ping executed on the cisco ASR 9000 Series Router’
B.    The output is the result of single iteration of mpls ping executed on the cisco ASR 9000 series Router
C.    The packets did not reach its destination because the control word was not found
D.    The output is the result of single iteration of mpls ping executed on the cisco CRS-1 carrier routing system.

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit. The commands were exceeded on a cisco XR12000 PE. Which statement is true?

A.    The outer label for prefix is 143989.
B.    The outer label for prefix is 16000.
C.    The outer label for prefix is implNull.
D.    Prefix has no outer label.

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. Is nonstop forwarding enabled or disabled, and which part of show command can be used to determine this?

A.    Enabled, graceful-restart
B.    Enabled, session protection
C.    Disabled, graceful-restart
D.    Disabled, session protection

Answer: A

What two problems are associated with this show MPLS forwarding command output; given that this command only shows forwarding information for CEs interfaces and associated statistics? (Choose two)

A.    Line 1 and 3 indicate the problem
B.    Line 2 and 4 indicate the problem
C.    LDP is not active on AT 12/3.1283 and se 9/0/7.0 that is why packets are sent as IP packets and no MPLS packets
D.    There is a possible routing loop which makes pe-1 a transit router for the VRFs which are assigned to Gi 14/.1271 and AT 12/3.1132
E.    There is label corruption for VRFs where Gi 14/1.1271 and AT 12/3.1132 belong to, the value of a locally assigned label cannot be more than the value of outgoing label

Answer: BE

You have configured a MPLS-TE tunnel with a predefined explicit path as primary and dynamic path as the backup. The tunnel was designed to carry customer traffic from site A to site B. although the MPLS-TE tunnel is set up. It is not carrying the traffic. Traffic has to go to net work connected to site B. Which three show commands would you use to identify and resolve the issue?

A.    Show mpls traffic-eng-link-management bandwidth to check the bandwidth is available.
B.    Show ip cef network-number to check if tags are imposed
C.    show mpls traffic-eng topology igp-id ospf NETWORK-NUMBER brief to check routing issue
D.    Show mpls traffic-eng autoroute to check auto routing is enabled
E.    Show mpls forwarding-table LABEL-number details to outgoing tags
F.    Show ip cef tunnel1 to check traffic is passing through the tunnel

Answer: BDF

You have been assigned the task of collecting the relevant information for trouble shooting a Layer 3 MPLS VPN routing issue across two (same VPN) for a customer. After initial diagnostics you have ruled out any connectivity issues and any hardware or software bugs. Which four steps should you use to collect information for troubleshooting the VPN routing issue? (Choose four)

A.    Redistribution of routes into MP-BGP
B.    Route fillers that might prevent routes from propagating
C.    Interface state between PE and CE devices
D.    VRF route target import and export details
E.    MPLS forwarding state between PE and core routers
F.    VRF route limit on the PE devices
G.    Interface error counters on the customer-facing PE interface

Answer: ABDE

Which three MPLS services require MPLS layer 2 VPNs? (Choose three)

A.    Any-to-any interworking
B.    Central services VPN
C.    VPLS
D.    VPWS

Answer: ACD

What two mechanisms are used to improve both MPLS network performance and availability? (Choose two)

A.    LDP and BGP synchronization
B.    Stateful switchover with fast Reroute
C.    Stateful switchover
D.    BGP timer tuning
E.    Stateful switchover with NSR

Answer: AB

New Passleader Cisco 642-780 Practice Tests Dumps Download For Free