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New Passleader Cisco 642-780 Practice Tests Dumps Download For Free (21-30)

You want to collect net flow-related information from your core links. You also want label switch traffic to be included in the information collected by NetFlow. You have MPLS, MPLS VPN, and protected TE tunnel in your core. How many labels should NetFlow analyze to collect information for all types of MPLS applications used in your core network?

A.    Two labels
B.    Three labels
C.    Four labels
D.    Five labels

Answer: B

When MPLS layer 3 VPN services are implemented, what is the function of the VRF table?

A.    The VRF table determines the pseudowire virtual circuits used to for forward labeled packets
B.    Multiple VRF instances are used to isolate potently overlapping routing and forwarding information for VPNs.
C.    VRF tables are used to translate IP routing prefixes
D.    OSPF and IS-IS routing prefixes are MAPPED to there corresponding MPLS labeled prefixes in the VRF table. The prefixes are used by the PE to map forwarded packets between MPLS and NON-MPLS circuits

Answer: B

Which cisco IOS command should be used to verify that frames are being forwarded on a VC by an egress PE?

A.    Show MPLS forwarding-tables
B.    Show MPLS interface forwarding
C.    Show 12 VPN counters forwarding session
D.    Show 12 VPN counters forwarding statistics

Answer: A
Your company has decided to deploy a MPLS network with VPNs. The customer that will be using the network is demanding service level agreements with your company. How can you monitor the SLAs for violations?

A.    RMON
B.    Event management system
C.    Asset management system
D.    CNR
E.    IP SLA

Answer: B

Which command should be used to verify that IS-IS has been properly configured to support MPLS TE?

A.    Show mpls isis traffic-eng advertisements
B.    Show isis mpls traffic-eng adjacency-log
C.    Show isis mpls traffic-eng advertisements
D.    Show isis mpls traffic-eng tunnel
E.    Show mpls isis traffic-eng adjacency-log

Answer: C

Which statement about LSP ping is true?

A.    LSP ping access ICMP packets
B.    A successful LSP ping ensures that the echo-reply are labled
C.    If an IP ping exceeds, than an LSP ping succeed if MPLS is enabled along the path
D.    A successful LSP ping validates reachability to the destination along the MPLS data plane

Answer: D

What does the auto-Tunnel template interface configure?

A.    MPLS TE tunnel mesh groups
B.    Virtual private LAN services
C.    MPLS VPN VRF instances
D.    MP-BGP peering
E.    LDP tunnels
F.    MPLS TE tunnel dynamic route

Answer: A

You have been asked to compare parameters of layer 2 MPLS vpn services at two remote ends using the show mpls l2 binding command. What three items of relevant information should you use to ensure that layer two VPN parameters are configured correctly? (Choose three)

A.    Local and remote labels
B.    Encapsulation
C.    VC type
D.    VCCV
E.    VC ID
F.    MTU

Answer: ACD

Refer to the exhibit while configuring the customer access link is cisco IOS XR software. What must be done when assigning an interface to the VRF?

A.    Configure the neighbor LDP before accessing the interface to the VRF
B.    Configure the IP address to the interface before assigning the interface to the VRF
C.    Remove the customer access link before assigning the interface to the VRF
D.    Remove any address configuring before assigning the interface to the VRF

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit. With this template configured and applied to cisco XR 12000series Router, could a CPE device use the traceroute command to reveal the core network?

A.    Yes, traceroute is not disabled.
B.    Yes, discovery targeted-hello accept allows it
C.    No it is disabled with mpls ip-ttl-propagate disable
D.    No, session protection stops traceroute
E.    Only if traceroute mpls was used
F.    Only if traceroute 6 was used

Answer: C

New Passleader Cisco 642-780 Practice Tests Dumps Download For Free