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Giving Some sort of C_TSCM42_66 TEST OUT World-wide Have an effect on Purchaser Achievements Having Completely new In addition to Impressive SAP Apps

The one warranty specifics intended for SAP Collection product or service usually are people that usually are set forth from the exhibit manufacturer’s warranty transactions C_TSCM42_66 practice test associating like product or service, in the event almost any. PASSLEADER Almost nothing thus need to be interpreted seeing that constituting an extra manufacturer’s warranty. Seeing that current market boss with company app application, SAP facilitates corporations off sizing’s in addition to companies function superior.

In which master data object do you set the standard values for an operation?

A. Material Master
B. Work Center
C. Routing
D. Production Resource/Tool (PRT)

Answer: C

What features related to process orders can be used to fulfill Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) requirements? (Choose three)

A. Approved master recipes
B. Digital signature
C. Electronic batch record
D. Availability check
E. Resource selection

Answer: ABC

In the SAP ECC system, a material is produced using production orders. The planning table for repetitive manufacturing should be used to plan line loading for this material. On the initial screen of the planning table, you select this material and then receive a message informing you that you cannot use the planning table for this material (see attached screenshot). What could be the reason?

A. There are no planned orders or production orders present.
B. The repetitive manufacturing indicator has been set.
C. There is no valid production version for this material.
D. There are no requirements present.

Answer: C

Which activities lead to a reduction of the capacity requirements for an operation? (Choose three)

A. Rescheduling the operation
B. Posting the goods receipt for the production order
C. Confirming the operation
D. Setting the status technically complete (TECO)
E. Reducing the order quantity

Answer: CDE

Which property applies for consumption with planning strategy 40 (planning with final assembly)?

A. Consumption creates a static and binding assignment between the planned independent requirements and the customer requirements for the entire procurement process.
B. Consumption takes place with the planning material.
C. Consumption can reduce the total originally planned production quantity.
D. Consumption can increase the total originally planned production quantity.

Answer: D

Which of the following elements can be used in a process order? (Choose three)

A. Process instructions
B. Parallel sequences
C. Relationships
D. Suboperations
E. Phases

Answer: ACE

You want to create a new material that – is kept in stock- is externally procured- is used as a component in the bills of material for various final products- must not be sold directly. Which standard SAP material type do you use?

A. NLAG (non-stock material)
B. FERT (finished product)
C. ROH (raw material)
D. HAWA (trading good)

Answer: C


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