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Vendor: IBM
Exam Code: C2140-834
Exam Name: Object Oriented Analysis and Design – Part 2 (Design)

Given the following configuration:
Package A, which contains class aClass is in the presentation layer. Package B, which contains a class bClass and an interface bInterface is in the business layer. Package C, which contains cClass is in the data layer.
Which is a poor practice?

A.    aClass calls a method in bClass.
B.    aClass has an attribute of type cClass.
C.    aClass realizes bInterface.
D.    bClass realizes bInterface.

Answer: B

What are the two types of dependency that can be used from a subsystem?(Choose two.)

A.    <<uses>> dependency to a subsystem interface
B.    an <<import>> dependency to a package containing used classes
C.    a <<manifest>> relationship to a node in the Deployment model
D.    a <<realize>> relationship to one or more collaboration occurrences

Answer: AB

Which task is performed during use-case realization refinement?

A.    identify participating classes
B.    allocate responsibilities among classes
C.    model messages between classes
D.    model associated class relationships

Answer: D

Which statement is true about design subsystems?

A.    They partially encapsulate behavior.
B.    They represent an independent capability with clear interfaces.
C.    They model a single implementation variant.
D.    They can only contain design classes.

Answer: B

Which process document describes design mechanisms, any mappings between design mechanisms, and the details regarding their use?

A.    Software Architecture Document
B.    Design Guidelines
C.    Vision Document
D.    Software Development Plan

Answer: C

In the state of a state machine, a behavior can be defined _____.

A.    before reaching a state
B.    upon reaching a state
C.    upon leaving a state
D.    inside a state

Answer: BCD

Which statement is true about elements within the subsystem and public visibility?

A.    Only the subset of elements that define the subsystems API should have public visibility.
B.    Only the subsystem proxy class should have public visibility.
C.    No elements inside the subsystem should have public visibility.
D.    Only the elements that reference external classes should have public visibility.

Answer: C

Get Passleader C2140-834 Course Material With Reasonable Price And 100% Pass Exam