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AAMA FenestrationMasters Professional Certification Exams

FenestrationMaster™ (advanced-level) and FenestrationAssociate™ (entry-level) students who have successfully completed the required Public coursework can take the certification exam at any number of testing centers across the U.S.

“Development of a professional training wholesale jerseys and certification program of this scope is a substantial undertaking, and we are exceptionally pleased to have assembled a high-quality program culminating in the release of these certification exams,” says Janice Yglesias, AAMA Association Services Director. “Feedback received thus far from our current certification candidates about the coursework and online delivery system has been very positive. Several individuals have nearly completed the entire required curriculum, so we are looking forward to processing our first exam registration and awarding our semanal first certification.”

During the AAMA Fall world! Conference to be held October 27-30 in Baltimore, MD, AAMA will launch the option to administer on exams outside of established testing centers using AAMA-authorized exam proctors. For those who register and attend the Fall Conference, no additional fees will be required to complete the FenestrationMaster or FenestrationAssociate exam in conjunction with the event.

In addition to cheap jerseys the availability of certification exams, AAMA has completed the Candidate Guide and Study Notebook. The Candidate Guide explains how the program works, the necessary steps to become certified and cheap NFL jerseys what materials may be utilized during the exam. The Guide also provides sample exam questions and answers. In an effort to provide FenestrationMaster and FenestrationAssociate students with a printable reference to the courses, as well as a place to take notes to aid in preparing to take the exam, AAMA is offering a new Cisco resource called the Study Notebook to existing students for free.