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700-410 Cisco Test Thoughts not to mention Data Advice

Cisco 700-410 Change physical fitness scanning, that is a system at the good quality problems not to mention products from your very own Selecting Cisco IP Transformed Online communities try out. When a lot of our competitor’s possessions furnish a painless 700-410 practice test to set up most people for the purpose of whatever can take a look with the scanning and reveal equipped most people for the purpose of surprises, typically the forward wonderful 700-410 Cisco test thoughts are actually wide-ranging, wide-ranging not to mention claims to set up want you to a Cisco scanning.

On average, how much time can an exclusively phone-based sales person with 250 customers spend with each customer per month?

A. 5 min
B. 22 min
C. 1h22min
D. 3h15min

Answer: B

How do you decide whether to “farm” rather than “hunt” your accounts?

A. When they have a broad spectrum of size of potential and a small share of potential
B. When you know their procurement manager
C. When they have a medium to large share of the potential & a broad spectrum of size of potential
D. When you are trying to increase revenues

Answer: A

How many hours a month can a typical sales account manager with 50 customers spend with each customer?

A. 1h20min
B. 2h10min
C. 3h35min
D. 4h

Answer: B

Your territory has 3,000 accounts. After the direct accounts are taken out, you still have 2,100 accounts in your territory. The main vertical is healthcare, where you have very little presence. The second vertical is financial services, which is a vertical you specialize in. The third vertical is manufacturing, where you have done some business. Where would you focus your efforts during the planning phase?

A. Healthcare (1,200 accounts – 10 accounts are yours)
B. Financial services (600 accounts – 100 accounts are yours)
C. Manufacturing (300 accounts – 30 accounts are yours)
D. Getting more information on size and share of potential within each vertical so I can invest my available selling time most effectively
E. All 3 verticals

Answer: D

For which type of customer do you “cast the net wide”?

A. Small to medium size of potential and small share of potential
B. Medium to high size of potential and medium share of potential
C. Large potential and large share of potential
D. Small size of potential and large share of potential

Answer: A

You are already selling into a large account in your territory. You have successfully sold a number of technologies, but you are trying to refresh & grow revenues with this customer. Which two approaches will help you to succeed? (Choose two)

A. Develop a strategy to fend off the competition
B. Determine technology refresh rates through account analytics
C. Continue to sell-in new Cisco solutions
D. Complete last year plan elements you missed out

Answer: AC

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