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Vendor: IBM
Exam Code: C2010-591
Exam Name: Fundamentals of Applying Tivoli Service Delivery and Process Automation Solutions V3

What is the goal of service asset and configuration management?

A.    To build a service model according to ITIL best practices
B.    To define and track the accounting process of the assets
C.    To implement ITIL practices across the entire organization
D.    To correlate IT services and different IT components needed to deliver them

Answer: D

A customer wants the service desk personnel to track leasing contracts for their IT assets that are currently maintained in an in-house developed application. How should the customer be advised to implement this requirement?

A.    Use the Maximo Data Loader to load lease information into IBM Tivoli Asset Management for IT (TAMIT).
B.    Leverage the customized asset application by using Application Designer to add a lease contract section to maintain contracts for each asset.
C.    Use Integration Framework to load for the first time the lease contracts information into the Lease Contracts application, and then maintain those contracts with TAMIT
D.    The customer should continue maintaining their leasing contracts in their own application. Using the Integration Framework, the information of each contract can be populated in the Lease Contracts application.

Answer: C

A customer is using IBM SmartCloud Control Desk to automate incident, problem, and change management processes. The solution currently supports 15,000 end users but the customer acquired and integrated a company with an additional 5,000 end users. What does the customer need to do to cover the new end users?

A.    Buy an additional 5,000 end user licenses
B.    Build a separate instance of IBM SmartCloud Control Desk
C.    Define the new users in the existing IBM SmartCloud Control Desk
D.    Buy an IBM SmartCloud Control Desk for Internal Service Provider license

Answer: C

Which business process can be implemented with a CMDB solution?
A.    Database discovery
B.    Change management
C.    Software configuration management
D.    Configuration item audit and reconciliation

Answer: D

Which two resources contain the most up-to-date platform compatibility matrix information in order to validate a solution design? (Choose two.)

A.    IBM Tivoli Forums
B.    Tivoli Field Guides
C.    IBM Support Web page
D.    IBM DeveloperWorks wikis
E.    Tivoli User Group Web page

Answer: CD

Why is the corporate vision and strategy important for a high level requirements document?

A.    It provides an understanding of how current IT asset and service management processes support these requirements.
B.    It provides an overview of the company’s mission and market strategy which determines the IT asset and service management business requirements.
C.    It provides company policies which determine the preferred vendors and influence the high level requirements for a IT asset and service management solution.
D.    It provides a clear definition of the company goals, how they want to achieve these goals, and what is needed to achieve these goals which determines the IT asset and service management business requirements.

Answer: D

A customer is planning to implement a discovery engine using IBM Tivoli Application Dependency Discovery Manager (TADDM). There are several DMZs containing Windows servers to be scanned. Which configuration matches the customer’s requirements?

A.    An anchor server in each DMZ
B.    A separate TADDM server for each DMZ
C.    An anchor server and gateway server in each DMZ
D.    A separate TADDM server for each DMZ with one central database

Answer: C

Which solution can help reduce cost and minimize service disruptions through automated service request handling efficient change management, and optimized asset lifecycle management across IT and enterprise domains?

A.    An integrated accounting and procurement solution.
B.    A comprehensive IT asset and service management solution.
C.    A proactive service level agreement modeling and enforcement solution.
D.    An automated, self-service catalog for requesting end-to-end service provisioning.

Answer: B

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