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Scenario: An administrator at a school would like to give teachers the ability to shadow their students in the classroom. Teachers should only be able to shadow their own students. The following Active Directory groups exist:
– English Department
– English 101
– English 102
– Math Department
– Math 101
– Math 102
– Science Department
– Science 101
– Science 102
Teachers are grouped within their departments. Students are grouped within their classes. How can the administrator configure shadowing in the Citrix XenApp environment to meet this requirement with the least amount of administrative effort?


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Scenario: Users are reporting that they cannot connect to any published applications. All users are using Windows XP Professional with the most up-to-date XenApp Plugin. The administrator verifies that although this is configured for all Citrix XenApp servers, the affected server, XA01, is NOT accessible to users. Users can connect successfully to other Citrix XenApp servers in the farm.Which action will allow the administrator to confirm that Terminal Services on XA01 is functional?

A.Use the query hr XA01 command on the Windows client.
B.Use the telnet command to connect to port 1494 on XA01.
C.Use the mstsc command on the Windows client to connect to XA01.
D.Use the netstat -a command to confirm that Terminal Services is listening on port 1041.