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A.    RIPB.    a connected interfaceC.    OSPFD.    an IBGP route Answer: B NEW QUESTION 616An engineer is designing a Cisco Unified Communications deployment for a customer with small sites across the country. Which deployment model keeps the call control at the data center of the primary site? A.    campus deploymentsB.    distributed deploymentC.    multisite deployment model with centralized call processingD.    cloud hybrid service deployment Answer: C NEW QUESTION 617A small business owner has 200 staff members that occupy two floors of a building. The owner wants to reduce the network infrastructure costs without losing too much network resiliency and scalability. Which action meets these requirements? A.    Combine access and core layers into one layer and keeping all other layers.B.    Combine access and distribution layers into one layer and keep all other layers.C.    Exclude access and distribution layer switches and connect everything to redundant core switches.D.    Combine core and distribution layers into one layer and keep all other layers. Answer: A NEW QUESTION 618Which key feature does a modular design approach provide? A.    performanceB.    manageabilityC.    efficiencyD.    fault isolation Answer: A NEW QUESTION 619An organization must decide which routing protocol to use throughout its network. If routing is performed at the access layer, which factor must the organization consider? A.    reduced network scalability when introducing numerous switch blocks into the routing tableB.    centralized management of ACLs at the distribution layerC.    reliability when implementing routing over STP at the access layerD.    performance differences between core, distribution, and access layer equipment Answer: D NEW QUESTION 620When designing enterprise networks, which two elements help to achieve IP routing efficiency? (Choose two.) A.    using two different IGP protocolsB.    supernettmgC.    static routingD.    hierarchical addressingE.    dynamic IP addressing Answer: BE NEW QUESTION 621Which statement about route summarization is true? A.    Summarization is supported by every routing protocol.B.    EIGRP can be configured to automatically summarize VLSM networks.C.    When it is implemented routing tables are smaller.D.    ACLs can be applied to automatically summarize routes. Answer: D NEW QUESTION 622Which two features are benefits of a modular network design? (Choose two.) A.    higher scalabilityB.    intelligent network servicesC.    ease of troubleshootingD.    end-to-end securityE.    improved fault isolation Answer: AD NEW QUESTION 623Cisco Unified Wireless networks support two campus design models, Centralized or Local Mode and Cisco FlexConnect. Which statement about the Local Mode design model is true? A.    The wireless LAN controller and access points are co-located.B.    It is recommended for remote-site deployments.C.    It is recommended for sites that use less than 50 Aps.D.    It is recommended for sites with a local WAN distribution layer. Answer: A NEW QUESTION 624An engineer must design a new data center network and must reduce hardware costs while allowing for the benefits of a hierarchical network model. Which layer is combined with the distribution layer by a single device to accomplish this goal? A.    campusB.    accessC.    DMZD.    core Answer: A NEW QUESTION 625What is a benefit of deploying Cisco IPS devices in inline mode? A.    faster network convergenceB.    decreased network latencyC.    improved service availabilityD.    timely threat detection Answer: C NEW QUESTION 626Which two characteristics are advantages of the top-down approach to network design? (Choose two.) A.    Generally is the fastest approach.B.    The resulting design is optimized for the business requirements of the organization.C.    The designer can delay testing until the end of the project.D.    The resulting design can meet both current and future requirements.E.    Does not require a throuough initial need analysis. Answer: BE NEW QUESTION 627Which two types of files are the most common used in APIs for programmabtlity? (Choose two.) A.    HTMLB.    PERLC.    BASHD.    JSONE.    XML Answer: AE NEW QUESTION 628Which advantage of using Spanning Tree Protocol is true? A.    utilizes all available uplink bandwidthB.    allows fast convergence after failure of a link or deviceC.    allows dual-homed servers operate in active-active modeD.    prevents network loops Answer: D NEW QUESTION 629A customer ts questioning the additional infrastructure that is needed to design a three-tiered, hierarchical network. Which feature is a benefit of the distribution layer In a traditional design? A.    creates access layer resiliencyB.    isolation of faults between the access and core layersC.    extends the Layer 2 and Layer 3 boundary to the core layerD.    provides additional security services against unauthorized access Answer: B NEW QUESTION 630An engineer must build an enterprise network that can operate with a limited amount of employees. In which two ways can the engineer use the Cisco Design Lifecycle? (Choose two.) A.    manageB.    shareC.    learnD.    operateE.    build Answer: AC NEW QUESTION 631Which type of WAN connection do you use for a low-latency application that is only available across a WAN? A.    IPsec over the InternetB.    MPLS VPNC.    Dial-upD.    Unencrypted GRE over the Internet Answer: B NEW QUESTION 632A customer is deploying a centralized communications infrastructure to a small remote construction site that has sateilite-based Internet connectivity if the expected latency is about 500 ms, which description of the user experience is true? A.    minimal delay and conversation overlapB.    phones will not complete registration to the centralized clusterC.    significant delay and conversation overlapD.    no delay or conversation overlap Answer: D NEW QUESTION 633What occurs to traffic when a Cisco APIC is removed from the data path of a Cisco ACI? A.    The fabric continues to forward the traffic.B.    The traffic is lost during convergence.C.    The traffic is queued during convergence.D.    The fabnc reroutes the traffic to another APIC. Answer: A NEW QUESTION 634Which network size can provide six /25 subnets while wasting the smallest number of IP addresses? A.    19B.    16C.    22D.    23 Answer: D NEW QUESTION 635Which feature enables the VRRP-enabled router to regain the master VRRP status upon recovery from a failure? A.    trackingB.    preemptionC.    delayD.    priority Answer: A NEW QUESTION 636Which network element must be summarized in a multiarea OSPF deployment? A.    IP addressB.    number of routesC.    communitiesD.    link state advertisements Answer: A NEW QUESTION 637An engineer is designing a new modular network topoiogy. What is one advantage to using a hierarchical design? A.    It supports unequal cost paths.B.    It provides additional fault tolerance.C.    It enables the network to scale.D.    It manually controls failover. Answer: D NEW QUESTION 638Based on best practices which QoS profile should be configured on the WLAN of the WLC for wireless VoIP communications? A.    PlatinumB.    BronzeC.    SilverD.    Gold Answer: A NEW QUESTION 639When designing a high availability network, which option can be classified as a fault domain? A.    single power supply devices in a network designB.    nonredundant devices in the network designC.    every tier in the network designD.    collapsed core in a network design Answer: C NEW QUESTION 640While preparing an overview of Internet facing DMZ for a customer, a consultant must identify the functionality to be placed in the DMZ. Which two functionalities are best suited for use in a DMZ? (Choose two.) A.    enterprise NTP sourceB.    DDOS protectionC.    remote access VPN terminationD.    web load balancerE.    web security appliance Answer: DE NEW QUESTION 641...... Download the newest PassLeader 200-310 dumps from now! 100% Pass Guarantee! 200-310 PDF dumps & 200-310 VCE dumps: (671 Q&As) (New Questions Are 100% Available and Wrong Answers Have Been Corrected! Free VCE simulator!) P.S. New CCDA 200-310 dumps PDF: --------------------------------------------------- Images: --------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- Post date: 2019-04-04 03:53:47 Post date GMT: 2019-04-04 03:53:47 Post modified date: 2019-04-04 03:53:47 Post modified date GMT: 2019-04-04 03:53:47 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Export of Post and Page as text file has been powered by [ Universal Post Manager ] plugin from