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Monthly Archive: August 2014

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Which three pieces of information are considered while deciding the size of the undo tablespace in your database? (Choose three.)

A.    the size of an undo block
B.    the size of the redo log files
C.    undo blocks generated per second
D.    the size of the database buffer cache
E.    the value of the UNDO_RETENTION parameter

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Users in your development database complain that they are getting the following error while trying to execute a query on the SALES_HISTORY table:
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-00942: table or view does not exist
While investigating the reason, you find that a hardware failure occured, resulting in the loss of one of the available disk drives used by the database. While waitinig for a replacement drive, the DBA removed the un-needed data from the database and during the removl the SALES_HISTORY table was dropped accidentally. Within few minutes a second hardware failure corrupted another disk drive, resulting in the loss of the current online redo log files and the logical back ups of the database. The redo log files were not multiplexed and the current redo log file is not yet archived. Which recovery method would you follow to recover the SALES_HISTORY table?

A.    Open Database complete recovery
B.    Cancel-Based incomplete recovery
C.    Change-Based incomplete recovery
D.    Closed Database complete recovery
E.     Recovery using the backup control file


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You have an application that uses a view to access data from multiple tables. You need to ensure that you can insert rows into the underlying tables by using the view. What should you do?

A.    Materialize the view.
B.    Create an INSTEAD OF trigger on the view.
C.    Define the view by using the CHECK option.
D.    Define the view by using the SCHEMABINDING option.

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Hotspot Question
You administer a Microsoft SQL Server 2012 database. The database contains a table that has the following definition:
You want to export data from the table to a flat file by using the SQL Server Import and Export Wizard. You need to ensure that the following requirements are met:
* The first row of the file contains the first row of data.
* Each record is of the same length.
* The date follows the U.S. date format.
* The file supports international characters.
What should you do? (To answer, configure the appropriate option or options in the dialog box in the answer area.)


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Part 1
You develop a Microsoft SQL Server 2012 database. You create a view from the Orders and OrderDetails tables by using the following definition.
You need to ensure that users are able to modify data by using the view. What should you do?

A.    Create an AFTER trigger on the view.
B.    Modify the view to use the WITH VIEW_METADATA clause.
C.    Create an INSTEAD OF trigger on the view.
D.    Modify the view to an indexed view.


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You are a database developer. You develop a database application for a SQL Server 2008 instance.
The instance hosts a third-party database. You are not allowed to modify the database schema. The database contains two tables that are as shown in the following diagram. You plan to extract address information about full-time employees based on the FullTimeIndicator flag. You need to design a data access layer to simplify the extraction process. What should you do?

A.    Design an Entity Data Model that contains the EMPLOYEES and ADDRESS entities.
B.    Create a view on the database to include full-time employees and their address details.
C.    Re-design the underlying database model to include employee and address information in one table.
D.    Design a conceptual Entity Data Model that contains an entity named EMPLOYEE_ADDRESS. Ensure that this entity contains information about employees and their addresses.


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Which of the following is the MOST important physical consideration when deploying a new server?

A.    Humidity monitors, Biometrics, and fire suppression
B.    Cooling, rack space, and power requirements
C.    Service level agreements, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) deployment, and CCTV
D.    Biometrics, fire suppression, and power requirements